Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unsent Memo

TO: Ms. Angle

FROM: Lauren Nouguier

DATE: February 17, 2012

SUBJECT: 1st Grade Vocabulary Lesson Observation- The Paper Bag Princess

Thank you for welcoming me to observe your 1st grade literacy lesson this week. It was obvious that your students were very engaged in the read aloud. Reading aloud to students is an excellent way to expose students to new vocabulary.

There were several aspects of you lesson that stood out to me. First, before you read the book aloud, you introduced students to schema in a very direct way. Now students know they have a schema that they can access when they learn about new concepts. With more practice, students will be able to transfer that skill to their own reading. You also did an excellent job of modeling how to access schema. Students were very engaged while sharing their schema about princesses with you as you recorded their background knowledge on an anchor chart.

I also noticed that, as you read, you addressed new or difficult words. Two specific occasions included the words “magnificent” and “fantastic.” When you came across the word “magnificent,” you helped students define it in context. When you read the word “fantastic,” you used their new schema of the word “magnificent” to define it. Learning new vocabulary in a meaningful context like this is so important for students.

Finally, once you finished reading the book, you revisited the students’ schema about princesses. This seemed to be a very useful exercise. Through this, students were able to recognize that schema can change as they learn new information. By recording their new learning about princesses, you modeled that that students have the ability add to and change their background knowledge.

Thank you again for having me in your classroom!

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